Rob Webbon

Rob Webbon is the CEO at Presca Sportswear, the world’s first climate positive sportswear brand, based in Bristol.

We’re a group of cyclists, triathletes and runners who are as passionate about the world we live in as the sports we love. Presca offers high-quality clothing for our sports with the minimum impact possible – the kind of kit we would look forward to training and competing in, but that didn’t make us feel guilty for buying and wearing it.

Our principles:

1) Use only recycled fabrics and fibres.

2) ‘Design out’ any wastage.

3) Manufacture every item to last – durable & repairable.

Our main manufacturing partner uses 100% renewable energy to make Presca garments, and we only partner with those companies that share our ethical and environmental values and who treat their workers fairly.

Through our custom arm, Wilder, we offer climate positive custom sportswear to clubs, organisations and events.

Web: Pescasportswear.com
Insta: @Prescasportswear
Twitter: @prescateamwear

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