The Green Runners

The Green Runners was launched by a group of concerned runners in February 2022 in order to better inform runners how they can reduce their impact on the planet when training, eating and racing. Collaborating with Treesnottees, the club established 4 key pillars to being a Green Runner:

1) How YOU Move
2) How YOU Kit-up
3) How YOU Eat
4) How YOU Speak Out

You can join the club and become a Green Runner on The Green Runners website by pledging to make your own changes, such as buying less kit or travelling less per year, as well as donating to the campaign. ‘Come and join us and spread the message,’ encourages Co-founder Damian Hall. ‘It’s just a £2.50 donation and that covers postage of your Green Runners badge.’

Web: The Green Runners
Facebook:  @TheGreenRunnersPage
Insta: @the.green.runners
Twitter: #thegreenrunners

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