Pilates For Runners 2023 – Liz Patient

Pilates For Runners 2023 – Liz Patient

Pilates for runnersLiz Patient is the founder of Pilates for Runners, delivering specialist online Pilates sessions for a wide variety of runners. In 2018 after being plagued by running injuries and niggles she began to adapt her Pilates practice specifically to support running. It transformed her running form and performance. Since then, she has helped a huge range of runners from beginners to marathon and ultra-runners, with specialist online Pilates sessions under the brand Pilates for Runners

Liz is a staple exhibitor and speaker at the National Running Show UK with her experience helping runners to rehab, prehab, prepare and recover.
Signup to Liz’s Pilates For Runners taster session at the Bristol Running Show..


Website: Pilates for Runners
Instagram: pilates_for_runners
Facebook: Pilates for Runners


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