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Strength For Endurance 2024

Strength For Endurance 2024

We welcome back Kriss Hendy and his coaching and fitness company Strength For Endurance. With over 15 years experience being immersed in the endurance community and world of Strength and Conditioning, we have seen first-hand the need to raise the level of understanding and bridge the gap between these two fields.

As the founder and head coach at Strength For Endurance, Kriss leads the SFE team and will be your initial point of contact. With over a decade of experience working with endurance athletes from novices through to professionals he is passionate about helping you reach your goals, whether it’s overcoming injury or maximising your performance.

You’ll be speaking with Kriss on a regular basis throughout your training journey at SFE, identifying the areas that need focus and working together to integrate your strength sessions effectively and efficiently into your lifestyle.

It’s a long-held belief in the training community that pain is just part of the game; that we should be putting up with injuries, aches and daily pains as part of the pursuit of better performance.

However, pain can be a warning sign of a much bigger problem that’s just down the road. The reality of those niggling pains, or ignoring irregular or absent periods, can lead long term damage, bone stress fractures, REDs and even fertility issues for both men and women.

As well as strength training, your hormone levels, blood-work and bone strength are all taken into account. By facilitating health and performance, we aim to turn preconceptions on their head, and help you to listen to the warning signs before they can take effect.

Kriss will be giving a talk at the show entitled “Prevention of Overtraining for the Endurance Athlete”. We are looking forward to seeing Kriss again.


Website: Strengthforendurance.com
Facebook: Strengthforendurance
Youtube: Strengthforendurance

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