OSO Sportswear 2024

OSO Sportswear 2024

Oso sportswearOSO Sportswear was created by Jess & Will, who live in Bristol, UK with their three daughters. Both keen sports people, Jess is a runner and has run for England, she now organises a women’s running club in Bristol. Will loves all sports.

The environment and our impact on it has always been a topic of conversation within their family and something that affects all aspects of our lives. From the cars we drive to the soap we wash our clothes with to the packaging of our food, our choices are based on their environmental impact. “Something we found hard to find was functional, hard wearing sports clothing that fitted our environmental and ethical values”.

For her running club Jess was sourcing T-shirts and the question came up: “Why don’t we try and supply sustainable, recycled products for her runners? This lead on to why don’t we create a brand? That embodies everything that we believe and strive for”.

OSO, translates from the Spanish word for bear, emblematic of strength, spirit, fearlessness and intelligence. An animal that is completely at one with nature and looks after their own community. Bears are often playful and social animals, often forming friendships with others.

Website: ososportswear.co.uk
Facebook: OSO Sportswear
Instagram: oso.sportswear


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