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Kate Percy is the founder of Kate Percy’s Go Bites.Kate Percy the founder of Kate Percy's Go Bites

When Kate experienced how making better food choices completely revolutionised how she and her family felt, she embarked on a mission to revolutionise child and family health, to help others discover that magic link between what you eat and mental and physical wellbeing. It’s what Kate calls Enerjoy! Great Taste. Nourishment. Better Outcomes.

Kate’s philosophy began with her first book, Go Faster Food (Penguin 2009), after changing the family’s diet to help her husband train for the New York marathon. Now a multiple marathon runner herself, Sunday Times Maserati game-changing entrepreneur, foodie expert for health & wellbeing magazines like 220 Triathlon and Women’s Running, Kate has developed healthy eating programmes for the BBC, Virgin Sport and United Learning Academy Group.

A Food for Good Brand – Kate’s exciting #Cook5Move5 initiative challenges, inspires and supports families with the skills to cook at least 5 healthy meals from scratch. This is to be delivered through a shortly-to-be-formed charity, with 10% profits from Kate Percy’s Go Bites supporting the charity.

Kate Percy's Go BitesIn 2017, Kate Percy launched her award-winning Go Bites energy balls based on a recipe she had originally developed to support her marathon training. She has since gained the coveted accolade of ‘Great Taste Producer’.

Kate Percy’s Go Bites

Kate Percy’s Go Bites come in 4 tempting flavours. Bite-sized, under 100 calories per pack and containing no added sugar, they are plant-based, free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg, high in fibre, and a source of protein. Made with dried fruit, nuts and oats and hand rolled in zingy freeze-dried fruit, nuts or coconut, Kate proves that simple is best!

Go Bites are used by world class athletes from many different disciplines, including running, tennis, triathlon, kayaking and cycling:
• Jo Pavey (our lead ambassador) – 5 time Olympian, European Champion, World & Commonwealth Medallist.
• Emma Raducanu – “Yeah love them, I have them when I’m practicing each day and super handy & great for energy but most of all love how it’s quality ingredients”.




Women’s Running Magazine Editor’s Choice 2020,
3 x Great Taste Awards,
Health & Wellbeing Best Protein Snack 2019,
Health & Wellbeing Best Sweet Treat

For more information, head to katepercys.com or get in touch with Kate at infor@katepercys.com or +44 7968 716503.


Web: KatePercys.com
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