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Nairn Robertson is an England Athletics Running Coach and coaches with B&W. Nairn also runs a new company called Active Teams which helps companies encourage their staff to become more active.

Improving the physical and mental fitness of your greatest asset – your employees.

Becoming more Active gives us more energy, reduces our risks from serious illness, improves our quality of life and helps us live longer.

Regular activity improves our mental health and helps us cope better with stress and anxiety.

Active Teams brings a focus and helps improve health and wellbeing through activity. This helps reduce sickness costs, boosts productivity and creativity, strengthens internal relationships, helps attract and retain talent and encourages a culture of improvement.

Active Teams

When we’re Active, our brains approach problems in more creative and abstract ways, leading to moments of creative inspiration.

Active Teams helps employees achieve the NHS Activity goal which, after stopping smoking, is the single best way to improve health.

The most positive way that employers can improve employee health and wellbeing is to help employees to be Active and exercise more.

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