Movewell 2023

Movewell 2023

Movewell was inspired by a love of human movement and a realisation that very few rehab, fitness and wellbeing products are sourced and manufactured to a high environmental spec. Founders Will Howard and Henry Abrahams are both Chartered Physiotherapists who have a combined clinical experience-base of over 20-years working with professional athletes and individuals across the human movement continuum and a lifetime of getting out there. They have distilled their experiences to help deliver a range of simple, effective fitness and rehab products, that empower enjoyment and longevity in playtime, performance and life.Movewell

Prepare & Recover
Our Prepare & Recover range includes six-products to help your body move. These products are intended as an integrated package, but can also be sold individually. They aid our end-users to facilitate movement and post-exercise recovery, enhancing their movement capacity by improving joint and soft-tissue mobility, activating and strengthening muscle groups, facilitating the re-education of movement and promoting active recovery. Clinical research and clinical experience strongly underline the benefits of optimising movement capacity within rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness training, athletic performance and recovery. All aspects of design, manufacturing, sourcing and shipping have been considered to reduce environmental impact and are recyclable and biodegradable.


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