Skamper – The Running Route App

Skamper – The Running Route App

Skamper appSkamper is an app that was developed to share the joy of running and the physical and mental health benefits it brings. Developed by a small team of experienced course designers, race directors and running enthusiasts, it offers over 2,500 curated running routes around the UK. Skamper provides detailed, easy to navigate routes with the opportunity to track performance and compare to others on our inclusive route leaderboards, which are graded for age and gender presenting the best view of individual performance. Whether you’re in need of discovering new running routes, trying to improve your grading or you just can’t make parkrun and need a virtual route to race, Skamper is for all!

Sign up to Skamper and bring your kit with you to complete our Bristol Running Show Skamper route in the chance to win some of our prizes! OR join us on our Skamper-led run leaving the Skamper stand at 12:00, all paces welcome!

Get the app: Skamper
Website: https://skamper.app/
Instagram: @skamperapp


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