Bristol Vegan Runners 2024

Bristol Vegan Runners 2024

Bristol Vegan Runners (BVR) are a friendly group for runners of all abilities, and hold regular meetups and events.

We range from complete beginners to experienced athletes and ultra marathoners and promote a healthy, performance-enhancing, cruelty-free lifestyle to runners and encourage vegans to take up running.

BVR is part of Vegan Runners UK (VRUK) which is an athletics club registered with England Athletics.

A big supporter of Parkruns, BVR can be found:

– 1st Saturday of every month – 5km Ashton Court Parkrun meetup

– 3rd Saturday of every month – 5km Eastville Parkrun meetup

– Other adhoc meetups include trail runs, visits to other parkruns, Xmas dinner etc.

Website –
Instagram: bristol_veganrunners
Facebook: Bristol Vegan Runners group

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