Ultrarunning World Magazine 2024

Ultrarunning World Magazine 2024

ultrarunning world

Ultrarunning World was conceived as a UK and Ireland news and events website by Abichal Sherrington in 2007 when the first version of Issue 1 of Ultrarunning World Magazine was produced. Subsequent issues were published starting in 2010. A re-launch in 2017 saw the magazine published on average bi-monthly and free online. We are currently working on issue 41.

The articles featured in the magazine, mainly race recaps, come from a wide variety of international sources, mostly by ultrarunners, race directors and crew and occasional features by writers and sports journalists. The magazine now has its own website, ultrarunningworldmagazine.com

Web: Ultrarunningworld.co.uk
Web: Ultrarunningworldmagazine.com
Facebook: UltrarunningWorldMag
Instagram: @ultrarunningworld
Twitter: UltrarunningW


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