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We welcome Tom Bassett not only to the show but to the team as well as Tom will be helping out with production.Tom is the author of a book titled My Little Book of Big Change.


I’ve been there! Bad Habits… Stress… Alcohol… Depression… You name it! This all resulted from a near fatal car crash, leaving me with multiple injuries. I could have given up. Making small changes changed my life!


These changes got me back on track and led me to work on my fitness.  My fitness of both body and mind! Understanding why I was doing what I was doing and what I actually wanted to do moving towards.

Mental Toughness

Understanding that your overall fitness is more than just physical fitness, it is the foundation for change. Breaking through your barriers to live the life that you want!

Pushing Boundaries

Set your own challenges no matter how big or how small. Keep yourself moving forward with the right support around you. People who have been there and done it before, helping you to take the correct steps. Not everyone has to go for a run pulling a van, that’s just me.

It is my intention to gently promote intrinsic change to suit you and conform to what is possible to you, at your current level and lifestyle. There is no expectation that you have the perfect diet, life balance, plenty of money or an understanding partner or social circle.

Fitting around your lifestyle

Everyone has different circumstances, whether that be family, work or something else. If you neglect your overall fitness, all those areas will start to suffer in the long run.
Make a change TODAY!


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