This Woman Runs 2024

This Woman Runs 2024

This Woman RunsThis Woman Runs has evolved over the past decade. This Mum Runs blossomed from a single Facebook post into a thriving community of 250,000 incredible women. TWR is on a mission to take on the challenges of lack of time and fear of judgment, helping Mums everywhere to be more active.

Along the way, we’ve watched with immense pride the impact our communities have had on women’s lives, health, and happiness. Our ambition to reach and support more women has grown.

From our wider work in the sporting sector, we’ve also developed a deeper understanding of the many challenges all women and girls can face to being active at various stages of their lives. We can see how this has led to deep-rooted inequalities for women and their health & wellbeing.

And from this comes a determination to be a catalyst for broader change; we are more committed than ever to building a community where all women, at every stage of their lives, feel that they can belong.

This is reflected in our new vision: to empower the 1 billion inactive women and girls worldwide to be more active, more often, for life – and is the driving force behind the news we share with you today – a new name!

This Woman Runs connects you with other women online and where you live for organised weekly runs (or informal ones at times that work for you) plus friendship and support.
Join the biggest social running network for women in the world for weekly social runs across the UK, in South Africa and New Zealand and here in Bristol.

Runs are fun and inclusive, led by trained volunteers – and always at the pace of chat. Plus they’re free!

Website:  thiswomanruns.com
Facebook: thiswomanrunscommunity
Instagram: thismumruns

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