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Mark Wilkins Running and Fitness Mentor  2023

Mark Wilkins Running and Fitness Mentor 2023

We are again delighted to welcome Mark Wilkins back after we met in person at the inaugural Bristol Running Show at Ashton Court last year.Mark Wilkins

Mark enjoy’s bringing an informed approach to supporting groups and individuals in developing their running, general fitness and wellbeing. Good running form is essential for effective movement and reducing injuries and he spends a lot of time exploring cadence, a good stance, and developing strength.  Mark is particularly interested in using barefoot running practices to create a comfortable gait and this often involves exercises for building up strength.

During workshops and individual sessions he says “I carefully observe clients running and make suggestions for changes”. Hand in had with observations Mark believes self-motivation is a crucial element and he enjoy’s building up a personal relationship with clients and offering ideas for increasing their enjoyment of running.

Having raced for 40 years, a former racing cyclist, triathlete and martial artist, Mark was a teacher for many years until realising he could use his professional training to share his passion.

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