Gemma Applegarth – Guest Speaker

Gemma Applegarth – Guest Speaker

Gemma Applegarth The Adventure Of Mindful RunningGemma Applegarth writes: “I am a psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist and mindfulness teacher. This has enabled me to express a passion for getting people moving, meditating and enjoying the moment. I teach within the NHS and privately for people of all abilities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

I first mixed the power of mindfulness with the excitement of running when I noticed my own mind getting in the way. It would throw up thoughts like ‘that hill is way too big’, ‘I’m not fast enough’, I might as well go back to bed’.

Practicing mindfulness allowed me to step away from the power of these thoughts and get stuck into that mountain of a hill!
My main interest is in mindful running (bringing present moment focus to help overcome the difficulties of the mind).

This is a link to my book ‘The Adventure of Mindful Running‘”


You can find out more at:
Website: www.activemindfulness.org.uk
Instagram: gemma_activemindfulness
Facebook: Active Mindfulness
Youtube: Active Mindfulness

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