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Nathan Flear – Ask The Expert

Nathan Flear – Ask The Expert

Puddings To Podiums: From Fast Food Fat Man To Ultra Marathon ChampionNathan Flear completed his first Ultra Marathon in 2015, and within only 18 months had qualified to run for the British team at the Spartathlon, often billed as the worlds toughest foot race.

Soon after he had started running Nathan was selected to represent Wales at an International level in the British 100K Championships.

In 2 years, Nathan had dropped 40kg in weight and had transformed himself to Elite athlete. Winning countless races and breaking records along the way to reaching the highest standard of any athlete, representing his country at a major championship.

Taking a step back from his successful business career to focus on running, Nathan then decided to switch his skills to his new found passion and began coaching to help others achieve what they are capable of. With a vast understanding of the power of following the science when it comes to training and physiological adaptations, and with a gift of working with people and the psychological elements and mindset, coupled with physical training to get the very best out of each and every person, Nathan began his new journey within the running community.

Nathan is now an author and has a book out now that documents his transition available on Amazon, called Puddings To Podiums: From Fast Food Fat Man To Ultra Marathon Champion


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