Amy Boalch – RaceReady App

Amy Boalch – RaceReady App

How can we ensure runners are race ready? Improving the safety of runners during training and racing. 

raceready.run appAmy Boalch is a doctor and running coach, as well as the project lead for Race Ready. Race Ready is an app launching in Spring 2024 that aims to bring evidence-based medical and performance advice to runners to improve their safety whilst training and racing.

Qualified with a Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health, Amy has volunteered as a medic at multiple UK marathons. She also sits on the committee for the London Marathon Medicine Conference, an event which aims to bring the latest running research to runners and clinicians ahead of the London Marathon each year.

Amy is a qualified running coach with UK Athletics and hosts a blog and podcast ‘Marathon Medic’ which shares training tips and exercise advice. Welcome Amy to this year’s show.


Facebook: marathonmedic 
Website: marathonmedic.com
Instagram: @racereadyapp 
Website: raceready.run app


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