Amy Boalch – RaceReady App

How can we ensure runners are race ready? Improving the safety of runners during training and racing.  Amy Boalch is a doctor and running coach, as well as the project lead for Race Ready. Race Ready is an app launching in Spring 2024 that aims to bring evidence-based medical and performance advice to runners to improve their safety whilst training […]

Skamper – The Running Route App 2024

The Skamper app has been created by a small group of recreational runners who like racing on new off-road courses but lead busy lives and can’t always fit in with a race calendar. Sometimes runners don’t qualify for some of the events we would like to compete in. This running route app can help you find your own way. “We […]

Skamper – The Running Route App

Skamper is an app that was developed to share the joy of running and the physical and mental health benefits it brings. Developed by a small team of experienced course designers, race directors and running enthusiasts, it offers over 2,500 curated running routes around the UK. Skamper provides detailed, easy to navigate routes with the opportunity to track performance and […]

Mel Bound – This Mum Runs

Mel Bound is the CEO and founder of This Mum Runs, the worlds’ largest digital, mobile and in-person running community for women – with a vision to empower the 1 billion inactive women and girls worldwide to enjoy the life-changing benefits of being active at every stage of their lives. A digital entrepreneur, movement builder, regular speaker and advocate for […]

Running Apps to Help You Get Started

The best running apps to help you get started running for your smartphone according to Tom’s Guide. Some of these apps are free whilst others are not. Each app serves a particular purpose and has a diffent function. There are many apps available and these aren’t always the best for each person. Head on over to the original article to […]