Tri Coach Leigh

Bristol based high performance triathlon and endurance coach Leigh Archer (Tri Coach Leigh) will be with us this weekend. A multi-award winning triathlon coach, including former British Triathlon Performance Coach Of The Year, Leigh brings lengthy athlete successes in Ironman and long distance endurance events. These include podiums and medals at the Ironman Kona World Champs, World, European and UK […]

Westbury Harriers Running Club 2024

We are very happy to welcome back the enthusiastic supporters of the show, the members of Westbury Harriers Running Club, a friendly, inclusive club based in Westbury-on-Trym (Bristol, BS9). This year the club is celebrating its centenary as Westbury Harriers was founded in 1924. The club caters for all ages and abilities,  Academy (8 – 11 years), Juniors (11+ years) […]

Kate Percy’s Go Bites

Kate Percy is the founder of Kate Percy’s Go Bites. When Kate experienced how making better food choices completely revolutionised how she and her family felt, she embarked on a mission to revolutionise child and family health, to help others discover that magic link between what you eat and mental and physical wellbeing. It’s what Kate calls Enerjoy! Great Taste. […]

Yoga With Vickie-Marie

We are very grateful to Yoga With Vickie-Marie Osborne for stepping in at the 11th hour to offer a yoga taster session. Vickie-Marie writes “Are you keen on trying yoga but find it hard to slot it into your crazy schedule? No worries, I’m here to save the day! I’m on a mission to help busy bees who crave the […]

Sasha Bridgen – Coach’s Corner

Sasha Bridgen is an ultramarathoner and five time marathoner, running coach and personal trainer who coaches people to push their limits and reach peak performance by optimising the hybrid training approach. Her experience through her own racing and within the fitness industry allows her to share her passion and enjoyment of the sport with others. By combining a love of […]

Andy’s Man Club – Andy Barton

Andy’s Man Club is a UK charitable organisation that coordinates weekly peer-to-peer support groups for men in the UK. It aims to help and improve mental health in men through self-help peer-to-peer interaction. The charity organises weekly 2-hour group talking sessions at over 180 venues across the UK, led by a trained group member called a facilitator. It was formed […]

Perpetual Motion Coaching

Perpetual Motion Coaching was founded by Kerry Sutton in 2010, drawing on her experience as a runner, qualified run coach, nurse, teacher, health and wellness coach and a mother of 4. The combination of all the skills and knowledge gained from each of these roles has become the building block of her successful coaching company. Because no two journeys are […]

Mark Wilkins – Running and Fitness

We are delighted to welcome Mark Wilkins, ever-present at the show since we began at Ashton Court in 2022. This year Mark will be leading a warm up session before the Filton 5 Funrun and will also be kicking off Coach’s Corner. Mark enjoy’s bringing an informed approach to supporting groups and individuals in developing their running, general fitness and […]

Kim Ingleby – Energised Performance

We are honoured to have Kim Ingleby back at this year’s show. Kim Ingleby: An exceptional fitness and confidence coach, Kim founded Energised Performance in 2004 with a sincere commitment to enhancing people’s fitness, well-being, confidence, and overall performance. Her track record of client successes is diverse: from winning BBC Strictly Come Dancing to securing gold at World Championships. She […]

Amy Boalch – RaceReady App

How can we ensure runners are race ready? Improving the safety of runners during training and racing.  Amy Boalch is a doctor and running coach, as well as the project lead for Race Ready. Race Ready is an app launching in Spring 2024 that aims to bring evidence-based medical and performance advice to runners to improve their safety whilst training […]